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disconsolate transceiver

by meant.

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prefixdistance thumbnail
prefixdistance An elegant new evolution to Meant's sound. Some really nice sampling work sets the stage for another moving experience and journey. It's hard to choose a favorite track here. Right from the very beginning, you know that this is a special album. Favorite track: victims of pyrrhic victories.
dettlev thumbnail
dettlev Breathtaking experimental electronic music full of surprises. Favorite track: questions without answers.
nnpoc. thumbnail
nnpoc. Disconsolate Transceiver manages to surpass everything Meant has made up to this point. It's as soul-crushing as it is soul-touching, a raw but relatable perception of life. Every track is perfectly planned and are extremely dense without feeling completely unlistenable. The album as a whole oozes a passion to make the listener feel like they're leaping into the air while falling at the same time (if that makes sense). This album has touched me in a way very few albums have. I cried to it btw. Favorite track: i hope we get to see you again.
kristin ides
kristin ides thumbnail
kristin ides Dreamy, wide swaths of sound full of scarred stars and big dark spaces. Fuzzy textures & a distant chill. Like walking around untethered. You want this in your orbit. Favorite track: bub.
Name©®™ thumbnail
Name©®™ An industrial banger, a heartbreaking ambient lullaby, and a dystopian neon rave beneath the bridge late on a rainy night - every track (bub esp) is great, but this one really stands out for me because it just flows so damn smoothly at 14 minutes Favorite track: do something! say something! anything! | a prayer.
Kactus thumbnail
Kactus This release has managed to turn colours, and emotions into strains of sound that echo and dance inside your head. the drum beats become hypnotic causing me to not only hear the patterns but feel them in my body. Fave track Bub, the crystal sounding strings become haunting, echoing long after the music ends. meant has managed an album that takes you on a journey, exploring beats and sounds that gives the listener an experience that is both tale and tone.
bub 07:49


Endeavoring to capture the sound of the human soul crushed beneath the weight of one single moment, Tulsa-based vaporgaze composer meant. contemplates the nature of silence, suffering, and deep space alongside our ceaseless yearnings for permanence, transcendence and meaning on their sixth album, "disconsolate transceiver."

Reflecting on the silent nature of space itself, and those inevitable moments of sudden, unwanted change in life that compel us to scream upwards into a silent sky for answers, "disconsolate transceiver" aptly captures this timeless human position of existential crisis for our digital time.

Opening track "from such great heights, we fell | a lament" begins with the hissing crackle of distant satellite transmissions, speaking in Russian, coming back down to earth as they dissolve into a solemnly distorted organ, and mournful choral refrain. The listener suddenly finds themselves in a sound space that at once feels both sacred, and familiar as the melody crescendos into an inspired, lively beat that carries them along to its own demise and to the track’s meditative conclusion. An intentional section of silence represents the silence we hear back when we look up and demand to know, "Why?" in the face of loss and suffering.

With tracks "bub," "always, every morning | trauma loops," and "i hope we get to see you again," meant. continues to hone their defining and unique take on the vaporgaze genre, pushing its boundaries even further. With original electronic compositions incorporating loops that don't sound like electronic instruments at all, meant. continues to re-imagine the blissful moments that traditional, guitar-driven shoegaze is belovedly known for.

Drawn to the silence which undergirds everything, meant. uses the art of sound to translate the depths of that silence into audible light, hoping to illuminate, and dispel, the shadows we all have within. With tracks "victims of pyrrhic victories" "recycled nostalgia" "goddammit do something! say something! anything! | a prayer" "we know so much for nothing" and lead single "questions without answers" encompassing both the dissatisfaction of our current digital life, and the unyielding desire humans have for a connected community of meaningful transcendence, the music of meant. is a hauntingly beautiful invitation to reflect, and to remember the fragility of our delicate, and impermanent, interconnectedness.

As we continue to search our screens to find meaning, and the familiar, "disconsolate transceiver" is there as an audible beacon to the isolation encompassing us all, where we build our own tiny signals to find each other in this digital age.

for: all that should have been, and what may yet still remain | HBDT


released August 19, 2023

a meant. release
recorded february/march 2023 in tulsa, oklahoma

a special thank you to two wonderful human beings, and kindred, creative spirits who agreed to collaborate with me on the development of the liner art for this release:

Jasmina Todorović
Insta: @pragmatricks
Bluesky: @pragmatrix.bsky.social

Michael Archibald
Insta: @protokactus


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meant. Tulsa, Oklahoma

meant. is a hardsoft, layered sound collection of a father's broken heart.

but for the joy of that eventual day, we endure.


j.demar | meant.
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